Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Baaa-aack!

Tonight, Project Runway returns! And once again, The BF and Jessica will be my PR Partners every Wednesday as we count down to the Fashion Show Week next Spring.

Here are the archetypes that have been prevalent so far on all the Runway cycles so far:

The Ice Princess.
The amusing and lovable gay uncle.

The pompous, overbearing Know-it-all.

The mousy quiet talented one who secretly has a killer bod.

The Club Kid/Pachuco/Street Hustler.

The sassy black diva.
The Geek.

The crazy aunt.

The snotty foreigner.
The Insecure Older Sister.

The grungey girl who needs a shower.

The one who slips under the radar.
The Over-achiever.
The ???????????
The Bumpkin.

So before this season even starts, it will be interesting to see who - if anyone - fits into the established mold. And click here for all the details about Project Runway 4.


  1. Could I BE more excited?

  2. OMG!OMG!OMG! The teasers look so filled with DRA-MA!!!

  3. If you complained about Top Chef because you couldn't eat the food, do you complain about Project Runway because you can't wear the clothes?