Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jessica of the Opera

And so begins "Dop & Jessica's Week 'O Fun".

Last night, Jess and I attended Phantom of the Opera currently running at the Palace. When Jessica first approached me about seeing Phantom, I was a bit reserved. The musical has been around 20-some years, and even though I have not actually seen it I kinda feel like I have because I've been hearing the music for at least that long. But Jess found some great prices on seats and I thought it would be a nice bonding experience, so I got excited about going.

The musical was everything I'd heard about and more than I expected. It's just amazing what some people are capable of doing with their voices. I mean, I have a voice and it doesn't sound ANYTHING like those people. How can I have the same thing someone else does and it doesn't work the same way?


I'm still not sure how candles come out of the floor or how a river is created on a stage, but somehow Phantom does it. The whole production was powerful with bits of flash thrown in. And surprisingly, the "cheap seats" turned out to be pretty damn good. And as expected, it was a nice bonding experience for Jess and me.

The "Week 'O Fun" continues on Friday with something even MORE riveting. Stay tuned . . .


  1. I was impressed with it too.

  2. igus energy cable chain pushes the candle assemblies out of the floor ... the river - well, I'd have to kill ya' if I told ya that one