Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So what you might be saying is, it's probably not a good idea to marry a man with the last name of Peterson?

In 2005, Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife, Laci, and their unborn child, Conner, in 2002. And on Christmas Eve. Scott is currently sitting on death row waiting to die, all the while maintaining his innocence.

Currently in the news, Drew Peterson is under suspicion of the October 28th disappearance of his wife, Stacey. And now, officials want to exhume the body of his third wife based on the suspicion of foul play. And Stacey has a small daughter. Her name? Lacey Peterson.

I dated someone with the last name of Peterson once - Kim Peterson. She was my girlfriend in 5th and 6th grades (even back then I was pretty committed). Her family ended up moving away the summer between 6th and 7th grades. I found out on the first day of school when the school bus stopped at her house and no one came out. She slinked out of town without saying a word.

Those Petersons are sneaky people. So if you're out and someone introduces himself and the last name is Peterson - run like hell.