Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dop's Favourite New Magnet From . . . Kerry

At the airport the day after Christmas, The BF and I were sharing holiday stories and showing gifts when he looked at me and said, "Kerry sent you something."

Kerry is The BF's older sister. After hearing of each other for more than two years, Kerry and I finally got to meet last July when The BF and I attended the wedding of his college friend. Kerry is, for all intents and purposes, The BF in female format: cute, friendly, funny and intelligent with a goofy side. Basically, I loved her immediately.

So I opened up the gift she had sent along and this is what I got:

Kerry made it with her own little hands. It's a magnet of my favourite president, complete with stove pipe hat, beard, eyelids and - yes - mole! The BF has made a habit of getting me magnets whenever he/we travel someplace. And each one obtains a highly-coveted space on the fridge with a "DOP'S FAVORITE NEW MAGNET FROM KEVIN" designation. However, ol' Abe deserves a special spot of appreciation with his very own signage, recognizing his creator.

I've still no idea how she did it - but I'm pleased as punch that he greets me every morning at breakfast.