Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 1

Why not start the year off with a look back. To understand what this blog entry is all about, click here:

2007 - No notes written. Must have been just a stay at home and relax day.

2006 - Sleep in with The BF.

2005 - Watch Garden State and Open Water with Ex#5. Have brunch at home and do laundry.

2004 - Stay at Ex#4's. Sleep in and order pizza. Watch Best of Molly Shannon on SNL.

2003 - Brunch with Bruce, David, Aaron, Gregg & Chuck. Drinking at JR's

2002 - Brunch with BFF Jeff and his boyfriend George. Sightsee around Mall and monuments. Meet friends for drinks at JR's

2001- Spent in Chicago (38" of snow), brunch at Chris and Todd's house, do some shopping, fly back to DC at 9:45 PM.

2000 - Sleep in, then join Gold's Gym for my resolution. Go to the Eagle with friend John for drinks.

1999 - Brunch with BFF Jeff and friend Rick. Drop Rick off at Metro then spend the day calling friends.

1998 - Sleep in with Ex#3, then have dinner at Boston Market.

1997 - Sick with the flu

1996 - Brunch at Peppers with Ron, Arlene, Jeet, Ryan and Kelly. Friend Arlene stays over a night.

1995 - Shop DuPont Circle and have lunch with Doug, call friend Kathy, see drag show at Ziegfeld's

1994 - Chuck rents room in my house senior year. Friend Ron calls from Egypt.

1993 - Drive to South Carolina to see Ex#2 while on winter break.

1992 - See JFK with Ex #2. Play Scrabble and plan trip back to school.

1991 - Brunch with BFF Jeff, Matt, & Joe at Annie's on 17th. Get diagnosed with gonorrhea (but that's another story).

1990 - Drive home from Hagerstown from Deer Park Lodge weekend. Spend day at home.

1989 - Recover from breakup the night before with Ex#1, still host friends Tyler, Tod and Dean staying at my house. Have dinner in DC then go dancing at Dakota.

1988 - Brunch at Lee's house with Mark, Tom, Steve, Tyler, Donnie, Tim & Stephanie. Bring sauerkraut.

1987 - Work 4-12 at the hotel.

1986 - Lunch with friends Dave, Leslie, and John.

1985 - Spend the day with fiance, Crystal. See Ghostbusters.

1984 - Play reading at John's house for senior play, Harvey. I was Dr. Chumley.

1983 - Family visits the Michael's.

1982 - Nothing entered here, but I doubt there's much a 16 year old needs to recover from.


  1. Wait, am I reading this right? Based on 1982 and 1985, were you engaged at 19? Wow. I could barely date at 19.

  2. Yeah. I was straight back then. Engaged at 19 with plans to marry by 22.