Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smoking Ban

I'm not sure how I feel about the new smoking ban that went into effect in Chicago on January 1. I mean, it will be nice to go out to a bar or club and not leave smelling like an ashtray. However, I don't go out that much these days so it doesn't affect me.

What DOES affect me is that now whenever I walk anywhere, I have to pass through smatterings of smokers who are cluttering up the sidewalks. A simple walk to the gym or grocery store makes me smell like I spent a few hours in a bar.

This ban was put into effect to help those who are out in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. But, I'm not sure why I, as a pedestrian who is choosing not to go out, must now be subjected to something like this just so others can drink in a smoke-free atmosphere.

There are only two solutions that ultimately work now: ban smoking altogether, or send smokers to rooftops out of the lines of traffic.


  1. O Dop you are too funny. This smoking ban is a good thing all around.

  2. I'm with ya! I feel the same way on the sidewalks in downtown SF and in the Castro. We've had this for years. It amazes me how many people suck on those death sticks and leave their death clouds behind.

    I'm pretty intolerant about this issue, ya think? ;-)

  3. New York followed California with this ban. The difference between cities like LA or SF and Chicago and New York is that a lot of bars in CA have an outdoor area where people can smoke. In New York, people just crowd on the sidewalk, make noise for the people who live in the apartments above and leave their cigarette butts all over the street. So it's a trade off I guess. New York had to enact new noise ordinances to deal with the nuissance of having smoking revelers in the street. YOu'll get used to it.

  4. I agree with you. Even though I enjoy that smokers are not allowed in bars/clubs anymore walking down the street you still have to deal with them. However I thought they were not suppose to smoke within 15 fee of a entrance to a business... I'm sure it will get easier doing the summer spring when they don't huddle in a huge group.