Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smoking Ban

I'm not sure how I feel about the new smoking ban that went into effect in Chicago on January 1. I mean, it will be nice to go out to a bar or club and not leave smelling like an ashtray. However, I don't go out that much these days so it doesn't affect me.

What DOES affect me is that now whenever I walk anywhere, I have to pass through smatterings of smokers who are cluttering up the sidewalks. A simple walk to the gym or grocery store makes me smell like I spent a few hours in a bar.

This ban was put into effect to help those who are out in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. But, I'm not sure why I, as a pedestrian who is choosing not to go out, must now be subjected to something like this just so others can drink in a smoke-free atmosphere.

There are only two solutions that ultimately work now: ban smoking altogether, or send smokers to rooftops out of the lines of traffic.