Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Winter is hitting Chicago hard this year. Last year, the city received 150 complaints about potholes on city streets. This year, so far, the city has received 6,300 complaints. With a snowstorm dropping down every 4 days or so, the City has practically blown through its snow removal budget, having spent $14 million of its $18 million budget.

As of 11:59pm last Friday, Chicago had only 11 minutes of sunlight during the month of February. Yesterday, even though the sun finally came out, the temperature was -4 at 10AM. Factoring in Chicago's famous wind chill factor, the weather, at times, dropped to -28 degrees. The couple of times I've watched "Climbing Mt. Everest"-type shows, I'd listen to the climbers talk about how they were feeling. But it's unbelievable until you actually experience it:

All exposed skin hurts, like it's being stuck with pins.
It hurts to breathe; the cold air constricting your lungs.
Even standing up, it feels like there is a 100lb weight on your chest.
Your eyes water.
The mucus in your nose freezes immediately.
Your mouth goes dry instantly.
You become aware that you blink.
A tee shirt, thermal shirt, sweater, hooded sweatshirt, and pea coat aren't nearly enough.

Just standing at the bus stop this morning made me wonder why anyone would purposely subject himself to this and much, much worse just for fun?

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