Thursday, February 07, 2008

Baby News

On Monday, the day after the NY Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriot's in Super Bowl XLII, Pats players Tom Brady and Randy Moss both pulled out of this Sunday's Pro-Bowl game.

Brady's been cited recently as having a sore ankle, but I think the term "sore loser" is more appropriate. No actual reasons were given for either player, but it sure sounds like someone took his toys and stomped home. Message boards all over the internet are filled with people who can see right through this. Brady and Moss are paid to do a job, and because the outcome didn't go their way, they're opting not to do the work their job requires.

Let's see now, if I didn't like the way something was going at work, and then decided that I just didn't want to go to work anymore but still collect my paycheck . . . . . . yeah, that would never happen. But then again, my weekly paycheck isn't $280,000 either. That must be the difference.

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