Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Forget everything I've ever said about loving The BF. Because it's all been replaced by hate*. Hate - because he has challenged me to Jetman on Facebook. And I have become completely addicted. I came home form work late last night, around 8:45pm (I have those nights sometimes). After walking in the door and making myself a sandwich, I commenced to spending the next 4 hours playing Jetman.

So far, my high score is 721. Impressive, you think, until you see The BF's high score of 3799. Suddenly my 721 is laughable. I can't figure out how in the world he got such a high score!? This game is supposed to be a stress reliever, but it seems to have the opposite effect on me. I need a Xanax after I play a few rounds.

*okay, I don't really hate him, but I'm gonna give him such a pinch when I see him.


  1. and you say I'M competitive.

  2. So I just poked you on Facebook.

    Have you played Diveman? That's my real-time Facebook obsession. (I'm also all about Fluff Friends, but that's not as fast paced.)