Monday, February 04, 2008

[Not So] Super Monday

Poor Monday.

This must be a difficult year for February 4th. Being a Monday is never easy, but in 2008, being Monday, February 4th must feel particularly inept in the grand scheme of things. Why? Because it's sandwiched between Super Sunday's Super Bowl and Super Tuesday's 20 primary elections - two huge days in American history. To make matters even worse, these are not the only important days in the week. Here's the breakdown:
  • Friday, February 1st - Start of Black History Month in US; LGBT History Month in the UK.
  • Saturday, February 2nd - National Groundhog Day
  • Sunday, February 3rd - Super Bowl Sunday
  • Monday, February 4th - ...
  • Tuesday, February 5th - Super Tuesday elections
  • Wednesday February 6th - Ash Wednesday
  • Thursday, February 7th - Chinese New Year
Almost every day in a week is "super" for some reason. But nothing will come of Monday. It is a lull in the proverbial storm. But I guess it's all in the way you look at it. For perhaps it's the fact that nothing happening on Monday could be what actually makes it special.

Because, after all, when everything is super, then nothing is.

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  1. This is my favorite post of the year.

    It kinda reminds me of what my friend Debbie said one time when we were talking about how New Year's Eve seems so overrated as you get older. "Poor, poor New Year's Eve.... It tries to be so much, but in the end, it's just another day."