Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This Year In Politics

Last year in politics, the catchphrase that we heard constantly was "retail politics". That was pretty much all you heard about; this year I have yet to hear these words uttered in any campaign. This year, I am actually hearing two new phrases that begin many speeches and harangues given by politicians: "look" and "you know".

"Look" as in "look, this is how it is..." and "you know" as in "you know, he doesn't know what he's talking about". I personally find both of these phrases to be condescending. I don't like them. They also tend to begin to answer a question that was never asked by way of changing the subject or diverting the issue.

I watched Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Sunday morning, and I counted a combined total usage of "look" and "you know" by 4 guest politicians 17 times. Is this something learned in business class, or just something you pick up when you cross the threshold to the Capitol building?

Look, someone needs to stop this habit.

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  1. this isn't exactly related to your current post, but i just had to tell you that i've been reading this blog for almost 12 hours straight. congrats on keeping my fickle attention!
    you're an amazing writer and an amazing person.
    i hope your finger heals quickly.