Friday, April 18, 2008

Grape Lady

This probably makes me a really bad person, but this makes me laugh every time:

I'm sure it hurt, and I hope she's okay. I can't help myself, but it just makes me laugh. Only this makes me laugh even more:


  1. Stomping on a slippery substance with your bare feet constrained inside a small bucket set on top of a narrow platform 3-1/2 feet off the ground with cameras rolling....what ever could possibly go wrong?

  2. Holy crap Dop, you just made my day.

  3. Ok . .so that was funny as all hell.
    Mind you I do have a sick and twisted sense of humor at times. But I think it's one of my better qualities.
    And I might as well say.


    Instead of lurking all the time.
    Oh and I have a friend over here who think I look like your cartoon icon of yourself.
    Doubtful, it's better built then me . . well as better built and as much comparison as you can do a caricature.

    But yeah, so hi, and gonna add ya to my blog roll.

  4. She did sound hurt badly. The the 2nd re-mixed clip is really funny.

  5. I had a flashback to I Love Lucy and her grape stomping episode.

  6. i SWEAR a friend of mine can't go 2 days without watching this! and then calling me to laugh about it.