Monday, April 14, 2008

Love And Acceptance

Coming off of a pretty great weekend. On Saturday, The BF and I joined his parents who were in town for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held at McCormick Place. The BF is listing his place to sell (more info to follow), so it was fun for us to walk around and look at cabinets, whirlpools and bathrooms. There were some pretty interesting things for us to see - among them being a tiny child-sized toilet, which I assume could also be used by some folks at the Roloff Farms. A picture of large me standing beside it may or may not appear on Apartment Therapy-Chicago.

Also impressive are the shows put on by Kohler. Yes, there are actual performances at KBIS. Kohler partnered with MOMIX to put on a show at the top of every hour. The performances were very fluid and water . . . ish - a lot of flowing materials and movements and quite captivating. And the dancers were hot.

Aside from looking at all the chic cabinetry and spying on design diva Candice Olson, The BF and I spent time running around trying to find out which company was giving away all the delicious looking cupcakes. No such luck.

After spending some time at KBIS, The BF and his parents and I had dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. I've only been around his parents twice (his mom, three times), but it all seemed to be a pretty comfortable situation. I believe I am the first boyfriend they've met, knowing exactly who I was when they met me. There didn't seem to be any tension or ill-ease whatsoever. It all looks pretty good.

Sunday, The BF and I attended a 10th Anniversary Brunch for friends Neil and Bob. It's truly wonderful that two people - gay or not - can commit to each other for 10 years without there being any legal recourse. They made a decision 10 years ago and have honored and respected their decision and each other ever since. So admirable! What made the event even more impressive was that there were two other gay couples who have been together over ten years. In sitting with buddy Jessica for an early dinner after the event, she stated that it's sometimes difficult for her to believe The BF and I have NOT been together for 10 years. I told her that perhaps in another year or so, The BF and I will host a small get-together and call it our "It Just Seems Like Our 10th Anniversary" Party.

In just under three years, he has really become the biggest and best part of my life. It's almost difficult to remember my life before him - it couldn't have been this fulfilling. And it's only going to get more so - again, more on that later.

This was a weekend filled with love and acceptance - neither did I ask for nor expect. But I got it in spades from some very special people.


  1. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show? Candice Olsen?

    That's a pretty gay post, dude. LOL.

  2. Terrific post --- and we're jealous as we've always wanted to attend that show and always forget when it is. What a sweet story about your boyfriend's parents -- they all sound so nice.

    We found your blog because of the Booth post. What a tragic and interesting family they were. Have you considered doing a book on Booth --- in the vein of Land of Lincoln or Assassination Vacation? In the former, the author used his lifelong love of Lincoln to track weird Lincoln sites around the country. You could do the same for Booth -- it would be the yang to that book book's yin. Or vice versa.

    Your passion is evident and your writing is interesting --- you should consider a collection on essays on Booth, your interest in him, and booth sites you have visited.



  3. I like hearing about 2 guys in love. It took a lot of years to find love and acceptance in my own life--late 40's and I was beginning to believe it would never happen. Jeff and I met 7 years ago and have been living under the same roof for 5 years.