Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canadian TV, Here I Come!

Last week, my cardiologist called me and asked if I wanted to be part of a 5-part story on Canadian TV about heart disease becoming more prevalent in younger patients.  I said, "but of course!".  So last night it happened.

I went to my doctor's office for the interview and was met by my doctor, the person in charge of media for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and a reporter and cameraman from the news station in Toronto.  They filmed my doctor and I going through a usual checkup: blood pressure check (117/72, y'all!), listening to my lungs, checking hearts rates while sitting and laying down.  All routine stuff.  At that point, my doctor left the scene and it was time for my personal interview.

The first question from the reporter was, "so you unbelievably had a heart attack in your 30's?"  And from there I recounted my escapade from almost 7 years ago now, which you can find here.   It was interesting talking about this again, since its been a few years since I have so fully recounted it all. 

After the interview, they took some cheesy footage of me shopping in a grocery store for vegetable, bypassing the chips aisle, shots of the shopping carts wheels rolling along - all the stuff that will be cut and woven into the piece during my interview.  I think.

Not sure when it will air, but it is an interesting story.  More and more people in their 20's are being diagnosed with heart disease.  When asked my opinion, I blamed computers and video games for causing us to be more sedentary.  While I don't necessary think that was MY particular problem, I was still heralded by the reporter and my doctor for participating in this endeavor.  The reporter reminded me that during the day, I work to make children's lives better, and now after hours I am doing the same thing for young adults. 

Perhaps this is why all that stuff happened 7 years ago.

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