Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sexist Egotistical Lying Hypocritical Bigot

Jane Fonda's character, Judy Bernly, said it so well in the movie "9 to 5" when referring to her boss, Franklin Hart.  And the description was so accurate, it would be almost incomprehensible to imagine that it would actually fit a real-live person.  Oh, but it does.
Sexist - Newt Gingrich has certainly demonstrated through his repeated marital infidelity that he has a lack of respect for women.  And pundits were falling all over themselves following Gingrich's treatment of Michele Bachmann during the Iowa Republican debate
Egotistical - The GinGrinch's personal assessments, comparing himself to Thomas Edison, the Duke of Wellington, Henry Clay, and even (gasp!) Abraham Lincoln, are outlandish at best and dangerous at worst.

Lying - Newt  claims that "more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history." He's wrong. More were added under Bush than under Obama, according to the most recent figures.  Although we only have numbers through last October, food stamp recipients have grown by 14.2 million under Obama. During Bush's first two years in office, the increase was 14.7 million. 
Hypocritical - Gingrich has long traveled the country espousing family values and dispensing moral advice. Yet so often, the Newt of his dreams gets tramped on by the Newt of reality. There's simply too much difference between what he preaches and what he actually does.We've seen this in his attacks on other candidates — such as his criticism of Mitt Romney for his role in the buyout industry. "I'm proud of real capitalists," Gingrich said, but private equity work, he huffed, "is not venture capital."  Meanwhile, we find out that Gingrich was paid $40,000 at a meeting two years ago to deliver a speech that praised the private equity industry.  And now, we have the new reports that his ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, told ABC’s Brian Ross that Gingrich had asked her for an "open marriage." He wanted to keep seeing whoever he wanted, she said, while he was attending a Baptist church and doing a speaking circuit on family and religious values.  And I won't even bother going into his lambasting of Bill Clinton's moral character during his affair with Monica Lewinsky. 
Bigot - Gingrich was horribly applauded at the SC Republican debate by defending his remarks when he said that "black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps" and proposed that "poor kids lack a work ethic ... and should work as janitors in their schools."  And to saddle this along with his arrogance, he sees nothing wrong with those statements despite the fact that a black American points out to him that those statements are offensive and racist.
So if they ever decide to remake "9 to 5", I think there is a shoe-in for the part of Consolidated's pig boss, Mr. Hart.  I only hope he's not a shoe-in for the presidency.  America - you really are smarter than this!

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