Friday, August 30, 2013

Stanley Tucci Smile

I love me some Stanley Tucci.  Always have.  I think he's a smart actor and he usually makes really good choices ("Space Chimps 2", "Burlesque" and "Jack the Giant Slayer" notwithstanding).  I like him every time I see him.

Recently, The BF and I watched our copy of "The Hunger Games" in which Tucci plays Caesar Flickerman, the on-air personality that hosts and commentates on the games during their runs.  And when I saw Tucci in character during this movie, I kept wondering what was so different about his face from his normal, handsome mug.  I remember he discussed the use of "lifts", which are something like very strong pieces of tape used to pull the skin back and are then hidden under the wig.  And since I was already aware of that, I knew that wasn't it.  It puzzled me for a long time, and then it hit me:  his smile.  Or, rather, his smirk.

A quick Google image check of Tucci and you will notice that he rarely smiles showing his teeth.  He is a closed smiler (it's a real thing).  The website, She Knows Love, (don't ask how I know about it), says that men who are closed smilers could be men who don't like their teeth.  But to jank up the tabloid factor, SKL also says that closed smilers could be hiding something from you or just be  out-and-out lying about something.  But then, isn't that what actors do??

In the rare photo of Tucci smiling with teeth, it does look like his teeth are a little small, which I guess is what makes Flickerman's choppers seem so incredibly big on Tucci's face.

I'm looking forward to "Catching Fire" and the other projects with which Tucci is involved.  Teeth or no teeth, he remains one of my favorite living actors. 

Plus he's married to Emily Blunt's sister, so how cool is that!

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  1. I noticed that he didn't smile with teeth ever and was confused. Thanks!!