Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome To Miami!

Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing my opinions about Miami and what we have experienced since our relocation here on June 1st.  Today though, the 1972 Miami Dolphins team is visiting The White House for its official Super Bowl Congratulations, which brings up one such issue we have experienced here:  Miami Time.  The fact that accolades are being lauded to the Dolphins 40 years after their victory is demonstrative to how long it takes to get anything done in this town.  The word maƱana (Spanish for "tomorrow") is a very popular word here. 

There is absolutely no rush to get anything done here.  For example: I scheduled to have our cable and internet installed in our new apartment the same day we moved in.  I was very clear that it was an installation.  The technician arrived 4 hours late without any of the equipment he needed to perform the install - despite the appointment being an INSTALLATION.  He came back the next day to install as I was unpacking.  After he left, I realized the remote didn't work properly.  It took exactly 1 week to get another remote.  

I know, I know - first world problems!  But still...

It took The BF several days to get the key fob to properly work for the parking garage, despite him making several phone calls each day about the subject.  And last week, I got a call about a resume I submitted the first week of June.

There are many more examples of how no one here seems to think timely response of any kind is of value.  And it's almost as if Miamians think it's cute or something.  Because if you do complain about anything, you hear the infuriating retort, "Welcome to Miami!"

And we (The BF and I) are not the only ones who experience this.  My new doctor who hails from DC mentioned it to me in our appointment last week.  The pharmacist at CVS who moved to Miami from Chicago in January also finds it frustrating.  And The BF's boss, who moved here earlier this year from New York, is also baffled by how anything gets done here.  So if you are a transplant from any place else in the country, you'll most likely find Miami's schedule off by several days.   

I guess eventually we will adjust to it, perhaps sooner than later.  After all, I wrote this post last Wednesday and I am only getting around to posting it today.  

Welcome to Miami!

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