Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HuffPost Miami. Why?

Every day, I look to Huffington Post as one of my news resources.  Along with CNN, Uptown Update, and Cumberland Times-News, I read HuffPo daily, covering sections like politics, business, media, gay voices, arts & culture, and the local sections for DC, Chicago, and Miami.  For these cities (the three in which I have lived), here are some top headlines from last week:

  • DC Lawmaker: Stop Shackling Pregnant Inmates
  • Why Is It That Guns Are The One Danger We Cannot Seem To Do Anything About
  • Government Shutdown 2013: Here's The Truth About What Will Happen

  • Will CPD Ever Really Regain City's Trust Post-Berge?
  • Shuttered Woodlawn Clinic Revamped To Dispatch Mental Health Workers
  • Rahm Defends $24 Million In CPS School Upgrades Amid Pension Crisis

And now, (sigh) Miami:
  • You've Never Seen A Mai Tai Like This!
  • Angela Simmons Celebrates Her Birthday In A Bikini
  • LeBron Shares Honeymoon Photos

HuffPost - if these are the most hard-hitting headlines and stories you can come up with for Miami, perhaps you should rethink having it listed as a specific section.  Replace it with perhaps another liberal city such as Boston, Philly, Seattle or even Cleveland.  Or if you're looking for a major metropolitan city that is conservative, try Houston, Dallas, or Omaha.

Anyway, my point is that if the best you can do for Miami is stories about athletes weddings and what "celebrities" look like in swimwear, it might be time to focus elsewhere for the news and leave the fluff to Entertainment Tonight.

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