Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27th

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2012 - We hold the "Wishy Awards" ceremony at work; an award show I created that promotes a strong culture and celebrates individual contributions to the success of the mission.

2011 - Get a cortisone shot in my right shoulder from my orthopedist; visit dermatologist to have wart removed from foot.

2009 - Run my first 5K; have lunch with Jenni at Gio's; make homemade vegetable soup.

2008 - Pick up bike following tuneup at Uptown Bikes on Broadway.

2006 - Tour Mt. Vernon and Fort Washington during visit to DC.

2005 - Paint bedroom in new apartment in Chicago, where I just moved 2 days before.

2004 - Drive Ex#5 to work; have pizza for dinner then go with him to Tom-Tom in Adams Morgan.

2002 - World Bank protests in DC; visit the Museums of Natural and American Histories.

2001 - Have dinner with Ashley at (ironically) Hamburger Mary's in DC.

1999 - Nurse hangover from drinking all night at JR's the night before, following the AIDS Walk that afternoon.

1998 - Fly back to DC from Cancun, following a 4-day vacation with Ex#3.

1997 - Shopping, see "Face Off", and dinner at Dupont Italian Kitchen with Ex#3

1995 - Work at The Gap, 12:30-9:30.

1993 - Drive back to ShenU from home and my aunt and uncle's 25th anniversary party.

1992 - Dinner at Bonanza with Ex#2, Leigh and Scott.  Watch "Victor/Victoria" for movie night on campus.

1991 - Drive from DC to see Ex#2 at school.  Party at Corey's house.

1989 - Go to Gunter Sport's Bar with friend Jim K.

1988 - Interview at Accessory Lady after work.

1986 - Work 9-5 as desk clerk hotel.

1985 - Work 4-9:45 at Camelot Music in the mall.

1984 - Take English Early Bird Exam in Dunkle Hall, Room 218.  (Pass, 'natch.)

1983 - Beall High School Thespian Society Induction Dinner at Giuseppe's.

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