Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ebony, Ivory & Jade

Way before McCartney and Jackson's "Ebony and Ivory", there was "Ebony, Ivory & Jade", a 1979 movie starring Bert Convy as Mick Jade, a former tennis bum-turned-Las Vegas song-and-dance man, who doubles as a private eye with two female dancers, Ebony and Ivory (Debbie Allen and Martha Smith) in which the trio go undercover to protect a lady scientist from international hit-men as she heads for Washington D.C. from the Middle East with her super-secret formulas.  Check out the intro and first few minutes.  The music is classic 70's super funk.  Hoping to build on the Charlie's Angels phenomenon, the movie didn't quite live up to expectations so no series was created.

But the really BIG shame is that this cheesy Spelling/Goldberg T&A wannabe is a knockoff of a pretty damn funky blaxploitation film of the same name that premiered 3 years earlier in 1976.  Only this time, the namesakes are three kidnapped lady athletes.  Ebony and Ivory are African American and Caucasian women, and Jade is Asian - kinda make more sense.  As the poster says, they are "3 Foxy Mama's" who "can lick any man ever made!"  'Nuff said there.

Here's a sampling of what we all missed. Seems like the black chick is the one who is doing all the work.  And you just know she throw some major shade as a result.

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