Thursday, October 03, 2013

Four Generations

For what could be the first time in my record-keeping of my father's family tree, there are 4 generations of Troutman males alive at the same time.  The recent birth of Noah, our nephew's son, has created what I think to be a first (at least first in many generations) of this milestone.  While 4 living generations is not a big deal for most families, it is a VERY big deal for my father's bloodline, the median age of which averages at about 28 years old.

My dad turned 74 on his birthday this past June, passing the ages of his parents and all sets of his grand- and great-grandparents.  He's outlived every expectation.  These latter years, however, have not been so golden; my dad developed Alzheimer's over three years ago and it's been a steady downhill slide ever since.  Mom is Dad's caretaker now and sees to his every need.  Dad is mobile and can still do most things for himself, but he is feeble beyond his years.  It is sad that my folks have been robbed of what was to be a very special time in their lives.

Still, I think even Dad understands what it all means for him to see a Troutman male great-grandchild.  I traveled home this week to meet Noah and to make sure this moment in time was captured appropriately:

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