Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where is Christmas?

It’s one week 'til Christmas, and in Miami-town
The palm trees are swaying, there’s no snow around.
There are beaches and cruise ships, not snowflakes and slush.
Instead there are swimsuits with buttocks a-plush.
No English is spoken; it’s all Spanish here,
Or Portuguese or Haitian are heard by the ear.

At midnight, children are out on Lincoln Road
Not home in their beds in their parents’ abode.
With mama and her boob job and dad in his shades
Pretending they make as much bank as Dwyane Wade.
There are people in sweaters, but it's 80 degrees,
“Just ‘cause it’s December, you’re not going to freeze!”

A tea in Starbuck’s red cup just ain’t the same.
There’s no need for cocoa, it’d set me aflame!
Home on the balcony I step out to see lights
But sadly, there’s little to see in the night.
There’s nothing to wondering eyes that appear
No trees or candles or menorahs down here.

 Not much Christmas spirit is spied from above,
No running around in hat, coat, and glove.
No greetings from strangers you pass on the street,
No holiday wishes from people you meet,
Not even "Feliz Navidad" from a dude.
It’s Miami after all - everyone here's so rude.

It’s all so depressing, and just not the norm.
I miss hustle and bustle - the whole Christmas storm.
It just isn’t “home” as I feel “home” should be,
It just isn’t Christmas, here in ol’ Miami.
And just when I think I can’t take anymore
I hear the sweet sound of someone at the door.

I listen to hear a brass key in the lock -
My "Bun" coming home from work at six o’clock!
He greets me with kisses (there’s never enough)
And I realize I don’t need all that other stuff.
'Cause Christmas is more than just lights on a tree,
It’s there with whomever you make family.

And I suddenly feel all warmed-up inside
Because he is my "home" - he’s where Christmas resides.
He’s my lights, my carols, my garland, my tree
All wrapped up so sweetly, and all just for me.
So whether it's hot or cold outside the door,
It’s always a “home Christmas”, with the man I adore. 

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!

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