Thursday, February 13, 2014

Isaac Winebrenner, Sr.

As I've mentioned before, I've been researching both sides of my family trees for many years.  

Today, I'd like you to meet Mr. Isaac Winebrenner, Sr.  Isaac was my father's mother's Great-Great-Grandfather.  Interestingly enough, yet not all that surprising, Isaac is also my father's father's Great-Great-Grandfather.  Two of Isaac's sons, Isaac Jr. and James Hiram, sired Dad's father's line and Dad's mother's line, respectively, which then came back together when Dad's parents married.  While certainly not at all uncommon in small rural areas, it still seems a little weird and perhaps a touch creepy.

Isaac Sr. was born in 1804 and died April 3, 1895.  He was a farmer and, together with his wife Nancy, had 10 children - all of whom survived into adulthood, which was also uncommon for the time.

Below is his rather colorful obituary:

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