Thursday, March 13, 2014

PhD in Organization

I have a special talent that everyone needs, but not many people possess.  I am an organizer - not of people, but of things.  I love putting items where they ought to/should be.  I get some kind of endorphin rush when I have organized a space, files, storage, etc.  I wouldn't necessarily call myself a "neat freak", but I do live by the mantra that everything has its place.  A few examples:
  • Every photo I own is scanned and stored on a drive, organized by year, then month, then event.
  • I've kept a personal calendar since 1982, all of which are scanned onto a drive.
  • The clothes in my closet hang in ROYGBIV order.
  • My bed is made every day.
  • I have a metal muck box (Kevin calls it my "cube of importance") in which all my important papers are kept.
I believe that disorganization is the physical manifestation of one's mental and emotional states, a reflection of where one is in life.

I know this is a skill for which some people pay handsomely.  I should start farming myself out to friends who lack this skill.  I know one friend in particular who could REALLY use help.  I wonder what professional organizers get paid?

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