Monday, August 18, 2014

Wedding Update: It's Getting Real!

This weekend, we took some big steps towards getting tasks accomplished for our wedding on October 4th.  Don't get me wrong, we've been working on things for months.  Kevin has been a crafting maven ever since we announced our engagement back in April.  The personal touches he has created are wonderful - can't wait for folks to see them.

But this past weekend, we handled some big boy projects.  On Saturday afternoon, we held our food tasting with our caterer.  No surprise here, but we are not fancy people.  We wanted food that 1) tasted great, of course, and 2) we know what it is just by looking at it.  I originally sought estimates from about 8 catering companies in Chicago.  I needed to choose from an approved caterers list due to where we are holding our event.  I loved this idea because I liked choosing from a small list.  Its one of the reasons I cannot eat at Cheesecake Factory: I cannot deal with a huge selection.  For me, its not a selling point.  Just put 5 things on the menu, I can't possibly be expected to choose from more than 200 items!!  But back to the caterers, it was annoying that even after I gave very detailed instructions as to the kind of food we were looking for as well as the price point we wanted to use, I was still sent plans that included food I had never even heard of and prices that were double and triple what I had asked for.  But there was one caterer who did exactly as I asked and who was amazingly responsive to our needs.  And at the tasting on Saturday, we knew we made the right choice!

Before the food tasting, we bought our suits for the wedding.  When the salesman asked for the occasion, I easily told him that we were getting married and wanted matching suits.  Every person we dealt with was warm and accommodating.  At one point, I asked Kevin if he minded me telling them that we were getting married and he laughed and said, "No, but it would be pretty hard to explain why we needed matching suits if you hadn't."  Point made.  The suits were - again - exactly what we wanted.  And we managed to hit the 2-for-1 Sale weekend.  Bonus life points.

We also bought the rings this weekend.  The last time I bought a piece of jewelry was when I bought my high school class ring in 1983.  My ring size at that time was a 10.  This weekend I was told that my ring finger is a size 9.  I can't imagine that my hands are actually smaller now than they were 30 years ago, but I guess its possible.  And the rings are - again - exactly what we wanted.

So some major tasks accomplished this weekend, with still many others to tackle in the next 6 weeks.  And we're definitely having fun along the way.

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