Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Aging Online

Now and then I post an actual photo of myself on here, but mostly my online presence (outside of Facebook) is the caricature that is connected to this blog.  I also use it for Google and LinkedIn.  It's a smaller part of a caricature originally created for me back in 2004 by my friend Dave.  Because I use this likeness so often, I recently asked Dave to "age" me since, after all, it'd been over 7 years since the caricature was last updated.  And since this is no Dorian Gray story, I've aged and my beard has noticeably whitened up a bit since.  Dave's final result is below on the right.

2007                                                           2014
By asking Dave to do this for me back in 2004, it helped launch him into a business where he was creating caricatures for people online.  I watched his skill develop and improve.  The 2007 version above is the second version he created for me.  The original can be found here and you can see the obvious difference and growth.

I loved this the day I originally received it and I love it still.  It's an awesome non-photo likeness of me. I'll most likely ask Dave to update it again in another 7 years.  It will be interesting to see how I, and my likeness, will change in the meantime.

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