Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Problem With "The Walking Dead"

Kevin and I are BIG fans of "The Walking Dead" TV series (more he than I).  Every Sunday night during telecast, we are poised in front of the television, yelling at the characters, hiding behind pillows, and wondering who Carol is going to heartlessly kill next.

While slightly far-fetched, the producers of the show do an amazing job at making people and situations seem realistic, or at least within the realm of possibility.  It's highly possible that some kind of airborne virus could infect all of us, rendering us zombie-like.  But in TWD's quest for realism, I've noticed something about the characters that bothers me.

No one wears glasses.

By now in the series, those who had worn contact lenses are certain to have ditched them because it must be near impossible to stay stocked up on saline solution in a post-apocalyptic world.  I mean, if finding a can of peas is cause for celebration, locating a fresh bottle of Bausch & Lomb would cause downright euphoria.  So by now in the series, those with contacts would have undoubtedly switched to eyeglasses.

And when I say "no one wears glasses" I mean very few when compared to the real national average.  According to the Vision Impact Institute research, 3 our of 4 people in the U.S. have vision correction, and of those people, 71% wear glasses and 22% wear contacts.  When looking at the TV series character WIKI page, I counted only 9 of the 192 characters as wearing glasses.  Just 9, which is actually only 4.7% of 192.  And none of them are considered a main character or even crucial to any of the story lines.  There is a vast difference between 71% and 4.7%.  One would expect more than just 9 people to be wearing vision correction.

Milton, Woodbury weakling
Now, one could argue that perhaps people have lost their glasses while running, foraging, etc, which would certainly make those people easier targets for walkers since those with compromised eyesight would  be slowed significantly.  I would most likely be one of those people.  If I was out in the woods and my glasses would fall off my face, I'd pretty much be done for.  It's one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of camping.  The first time we see ANYONE on TWD wearing glasses is when the show arrives in Woodbury in Season 3, which is 19 episodes into the series.  No one up to that point is wearing glasses.

Remember Milton (left)?  He's the first character in the series with glasses we meet.  Apparently, there is a LensCrafters or something located in that town because almost half (4 out of the 9) of the series' bespectacled characters live in Woodbury.

I'm not really looking for an explanation; it's just something I noticed, probably since I am a glasses/contacts wearer.  This has only reinforced my belief that I would most assuredly die in a post-apocalyptic world, sooner than later.  I'll be running through the woods, a tree branch will whack me in the face and my glasses will fall into a leaf pile.  Or I'll step on them while rummaging for them.  Either way, I'm a zombie smorgasbord.

Sorry, bun.  Save yourself.

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