Thursday, November 12, 2015

2005 - 2015: Job Hunt . . . Again

Interestingly enough, today I find myself in exactly the same situation as 10 years ago.  Being on the job market for the third time in 10 years is disheartening and, for some odd reason, a bit embarrassing.  It would also be ego-crushing if not for the facts that 1) my husband is super supportive, and 2) at least this time, there is displayed interest in my resume.  I've had several phone interviews and the conversations went well.  Because I work in HR, I understand how this process works.  It takes time, sometimes a few months.  Coordinating interest and schedules on the other end can be mind numbing for the HR person.

I was laid off back in July.  I started making some headway in September, and then we went to Europe for two weeks, which ended up killing whatever momentum I had been gaining.  If I had to choose between getting a job and going to Europe with my husband, I'd choose the latter every time!  But this essentially means that I started back at ground zero when we came back.

I will admit that being unemployed in Chicago is A LOT better than being unemployed in Miami.  It's nice to have access to a car to run errands for us, or to get to interviews or even to see friends during the day.  The weather, of course, is much more enjoyable here as well.  And we have lots of projects around the house that have kept me busy.  Still, most of my day every day is spent looking at LinkedIn, Indeed, and a plethora of other job sites which all pretty much list the same jobs.

Something that continues to frustrate me is how recruiting agencies will post a job listing that sounds ideal - but there really is no job.  The agencies are trying to build up their stable of talent for when an actual job comes to them.  Sadly, this constitutes a large percentage of the jobs that are posted online.  Some job sites will allow users to disregard those jobs posted by recruiters or agencies.  I prefer that option.  If a job description is written too vaguely without many specifics, chances are its not an actual jobs but rather a resume gatherer from a recruiter.  Despite sporadically registering with recruiting agencies over the last 25 years or so, I've never once obtained employment through their services (although I believe I have lost an opportunity or two because of them).  In our introductory meetings, they tell me exactly what I want to hear: how great I am and how marketable my skill set is.  And then I rarely hear from them again.  Recruiters are the used car salesmen of the new millennium.

And so, just like 10 years ago, I trudge along - doing what I am supposed to be doing and trying to be as much of a help to Kevin as possible, all the while hoping that somewhere someone has my resume on his/her desk and keeps thinking, "I need to call this guy."

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