Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Griffin Matures

This past weekend, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by road-tripping to see family.  We visited with an uncle and aunt in Ohio, spent 2 days with my clan in Maryland, then spent 2 more days with Kevin's sister, Kerry, and her family in Virginia.

Kerry is the mother of Griffin, our nephew.  He was the ring bearer in our wedding and you might remember he had some reservations about us getting married at all.  Two years ago, Griffin found it almost incomprehensible that "two boys" could get married.  In his world of Disney and iPad video, he had never seen 2 males get married, especially if one of them was a bad guy.

Fast forward two years to this past weekend where we overheard Griffin, at the ripe old age of 7, schooling another kid on the swing set at the playground:
Griffin (pointing to Kevin):  That's my uncle.
Other Boy:  Where's your aunt?
Griffin:  I don't have one, I have another uncle.
Other Boy:  Huh?
Griffin:  My uncle married another boy.  Well, an adult man.
Other Boy:  What?
Griffin:  Boys can marry boys, you know.  They bought a house in Chicago.
The conversation was simply matter-of-fact.  And to Griffin, it was no longer a big deal or ANY deal in his world.  But he's smart enough to know that not everyone thinks the same way he does.  And I wouldn't be too surprised if he enjoyed having the upper hand; at least knowing more about the subject than a peer.

Then Griffin saw me:
Griffin:  That's my Uncle Dop.  The bald guy.  He's got, like, the shortest name in the world.  
So that's who and what I am to a 7-year old.  It give me hope for the future.  On the walk back to the house, we couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen when Other Boy goes home from the playground and tells his parents, "Did you know boys can marry boys?"

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