Friday, March 03, 2017

Dental/Sinus Update

Because you've been on pins and needles since January 7th, my last post regarding my sinus/teeth/gum problem, here is the latest update which will bring you up to speed.  Get the popcorn ready.

When we last left off, I had just completed Visit #3 at the dentist.  I will say here that this is where I admire my own fortitude.  In my life, when presented with an uncomfortable situation, I've been great at pulling up my bootstraps and diving back in.  So Visit #4, which took all my guts to schedule, took place 4 days following Visit #3.  Even my dentist called me, "one tough cookie". I'll take it.

Visit #3 was followed by 2 more visits to the dentist, the final one being the installation of the permanent cap on the root canal tooth.  It took a day or so to get used to it, but it's never really felt comfortable.  I waited a month for swelling to go down and for me to get used to it, but so far it's still painful.  So now I need to schedule another dentist visit to have it adjusted.

After the 5 dentist visits came a trip to an oral surgeon.  This was facilitated by the dentist because he saw a dark spot on/in my gums which he believed to be a cyst and not a tooth root, as the ENT had originally predicted.  So for about a week, I walked around in a daze thinking the worst, like that I have cancer in my mouth.  Years ago, I dated someone who had cancer in his sinuses and had to have the roof of his mouth removed.  He wore an oral prosthetic.  Certainly, medicine had progressed and advanced to a state that I might not need that same procedure, but the reality of it loomed large for several days.  It was all I could think about.

The visit to the oral surgeon allayed my fears.  Following surgery (for which I was knocked out), he told me he didn't see anything in my gums that required attention.  He did remove an infected tooth that he hoped would cause whatever infection might be in there to simply dissipate.  And then I thought, "wait, both the ENT and the dentist saw something even if the oral surgeon didn't.  So what is it?"  And so I started worrying again.

If you're keeping track, here is what has happened so far, since June 1, 2016

· 4 visits to an ENT, resulting in
o   1 CT scan
o   2 sinus surgeries
>  1 under anesthesia
>  1 quite wide awake
o   2 emotional breakdowns
o   7 rounds of anti-biotics 
o   4 rounds of steroids 

· 7 visits to the dentist within 5 weeks, resulting in
o   13 fillings
o   6 extractions under nitrous oxide
o   1 root canal
o   1 more emotional breakdown

· 1 visit to an oral surgeon, resulting in
o   3 more extractions under anesthesia
o   1 more round of antibiotics

· 0 resolution to my sinus issues

That's right, ZERO resolution.  My sinuses are just as stuffy and uncomfortable as they were last summer.  So now it's back to the ENT again, only this time I've asked my GP to recommend someone else, as I figure my previous ENT did everything he knew to do and sent me to the dentist in the first place because he couldn't do anything else.  This time, I am going to a doctor whose only gig is sinuses.

Not included in the list above are the many events, trips, vacations, parties, etc that I've missed since this whole thing started 10 months ago, simply because I either didn't feel well or expected I would otherwise be bad company.  I refuse to have another bad summer.  So my hopes now rest on this new doctor that I am supposed to see on March 20th.

Again, I acknowledge my beloved husband through all of this.  He's simply the best (cue music).

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