Thursday, July 20, 2017

50 Banned Words And Phrases

Because it's never too early to put the world on notice, below is the most recent list of the 50 words and/or phrases you are not permitted to utter in my presence because they either sound bad, have been overused, have been used incorrectly, or just plain annoy me.  

Our friendship may be at risk.

Consider this your warning shot.

1.   Recession
2.   Sausage grinder (re the legislative process)
3.   Gunman
4.   Bonus
5.   Teachable Moment
6.   Lockdown
7.   Too big to fail
8.   Octomom
9.   Entertain (in verb form)
10. Stress Test
11. You know what I'm sayin'?
12. Color Story
13. Green shoots (re the economy)
14. Temperament
15. The New Black
16. Twitter
17. Debt ceiling
18. Hydration
19. Empathy
20. New media, including but not limited to "Social Networking"
21. Throw me/you/him/her/them under the bus
22. Closely watched yardstick
23. Compromise/Bipartisan
24. Emboldened
25. Cougar
26. Serious
27. Walk back (As in "Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is walking back his comments about party boss Rush Limbaugh.")
28. Baby Bump (this one has simply got to stop.)
29. Arabica bean
30. Statement Jewelry
31. Pop (of color)
32. Cabal
33. Socialism
34. Digital
35. Czar/Tsar
36. Devastate/Devastated/Devastating (Perspective, please! Rejection from Harvard Law and being forced to "settle" for NYU is not "devastating." Missing a trip to CancĂșn because a tropical storm precluded your plane from taking off is disappointing, not "devastating". Not getting tickets for the Streisand Village Vanguard show is not "devastating." Devastate means " to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action" or "to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness". Trust me: you are not devastated.)
37. Post-Racial
38. That's what I'm talking (a)bout!
39. Retarded
40. This/He/Beyonce/Whatever is EVERYTHING!!
41. On fleek
42. Post-apocalyptic 
43. Ear Candy
44. Obamacare (but you may say Affordable Care Act)
45. Liar (I just hate this word)
46. Awesome
47. FOX (News)
48. Gay marriage
49. Poop
50. President Trump (just Trump is fine, though)

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