Monday, January 04, 2016

State Magnets

A few years ago, Kevin and I began collecting magnets for the US States we visit together.  It's been fun for us to be able to see where we've been together and where we still need to go, all in one look.

We don't collect just any magnet.  Our preference is the ones put out by MGI Companies.  Our collection is current (Alaska is just out of the shot in the upper left corner) with two exceptions:  during our recent Christmas trip back east, we passed through Delaware (which has been ordered), and the New Zealand magnet in the lower left was brought back to me when Kevin and Matty spent two weeks in a van traveling around the north and south islands.

We even have a magnet for British Colombia, Canada which we visited during our Alaska cruise in 2013, as well as magnets for all the countries we visited when we were in Europe in October.  As you can see, we will need to hit New England and most of the center of the U.S. (or as people-who-don't-live-here call it, The Heart Land).

We are just about halfway to a completed collection, with many more adventures to follow...

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