Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Trip To The Theatre

Kevin and I have been pretty good about "getting our culture on".  We have access to some of the best museums in the country (hell, Kevin even lived in one of them for a month), and we go regularly to see exhibits, some new and some not.  We go to art shows, photography exhibits, wine tastings, and occasionally to a dance concert.  But what we're really good at doing is going to see plays, musicals, and concerts in all kinds of venues.  We aren't fanatics by any means, but we enjoy seeing something that strikes our fancy that ranges between Broadway shows to local productions.

In the 10 years I lived in DC, I saw 5 shows.  One of the reasons I moved to Chicago in 2005 was to get back to doing what I enjoyed doing, and going to the theatre was on that list.  So while sitting in the theatre this week waiting for "42nd Street" to begin, I started mentally counting up all the shows we've seen over our 10+ years together.  The first theatre I saw in Chicago was the day I landed in Chicago in September 2005 - to see Kevin perform in the Tangerine Family Circus at the Actors Gymnasium in Evanston.

I'm not completely certain that I've remembered all of them.  But, regardless, looking at the list below I am clearly achieving my original goal:

Troubadors (Chicago)
Blue Man Group (Chicago)
On The Town (Evanston)
Forever Plaid  (Beverly Arts Center)
Wicked (Broadway in Chicago)
Ka (Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas)
La Reve (The Wynn, Las Vegas)
Corteo (Cirque du Soleil, Chicago)
Midnight Circus (Daley Plaza, Chicago)
Scissor Sisters Concert (The Riv, Chicago)
Two Elderly British Detectives (Chicago)
Sparrow (Chicago)
A Christmas Carol (The Goodman, Chicago)
Hephaestus, A Greek Tale (Lookingglass, Chicago)
Kooza (Cirque du Soleil, Chicago)
Million Dollare Quartet (Pre-Broadway, Chicago))
Macbeth (Chicago Shakespeare)
Keane Concert (The Aragon, Chicago)
Cousins Grimm (Center on Halsted, Chicago)
Schoolhouse Rock Live! (Mary's Attic, Chicago)
Addams Family (Pre-Broadway, Chicago)
Private Lives (Chicago Shakespeare)
Women’s Club of Evanston Revue
Avenue Q (Broadway in Chicago)
Robyn Concert (The Riv, Chicago)
Black Watch (Chicago)
The Madness of George III (Chicago Shakespeare)
Middletown (Chicago Shakespeare)
OVO (Cirque du Soleil, Chicago)
Murder For Two (Chicago Shakespeare Studio Theater)
Cirque Shanghai (Navy Pier, Chicago)
Billy Elliot (Broadway in Chicago)
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (Chicago Shakespeare)
Jersey Boys (Broadway in Chicago)
School for Lies (Chicago Shakespeare)
Evita (Broadway)
Characters Welcome (Upright Citizens' Brigade in NYC)
Jekyll & Hyde (Broadway in Chicago)
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Broadway in Chicago)
Barnum (Chicago)
Big Fish (Pre-Broadway)
Catch Me If You Can (Broadway in Chicago)
Anything Goes (Broadway in Chicago)
Yo-Yo Ma (Alternatives Inc., Chicago)
Pilobolus (Arscht Center, Miami)
Once (Arscht Center, Miami)
Seussical (Chicago Shakespeare)
Newsies (Broadway in Chicago)
1970’s Revue (Fireside Theater, Wisconsin)
First Wives Club (Broadway in Chicago)
The Book of Mormon (Broadway in Chicago)
Bad Jews (Chicago)
Kurios (Cirque du Soleil, Chicago)
Memphis (London)
The Tempest (Chicago Shakespeare)
Gotta Dance (Pre-Broadway)
School of Rock (Broadway)
42nd Street (Broadway in Chicago)

and counting...

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