Thursday, January 12, 2017

So It's Not A Tooth Root After All...

If you've been following my blog for the past 6 months, you'll know my never-ending story about my sinuses (cue Limahl and the Luck Dragon).  You'll also know that the "sinus story" evolved into the "dental story".  For more years than I care to admit, I've consciously put off going to the dentist due to either my unrealized fear of them or the realized fear of not having all my teeth.

I've been to the dentist three times now.  The first time was just a cleaning, no big deal.  The second time was a root canal.  I was prepared for the worst but it actually turned out to be not too bad.  There was minimal pain.  The third visit, on December 30th, was quite a bit different for several reasons:

Visit 3 was extraction day.  Not proud to admit it, but I needed to have 4 teeth extracted - teeth that were beyond saving, all on the bottom.  These were teeth that either due to my teeth grinding or medications I've taken or oral infections were reduced to either mere nubs or were down to the roots.  The act of having a tooth pulled is invasive at best and violent at worst.  Because I expected a reaction similar to the one I experienced in my ENT's office, I asked for the nitrous oxide, which in the end did absolutely nothing for me.

I was able to hold it together through the appointment.  Kevin picked me up afterwards and as soon as I got in the car, I lost it.  I mean, really lost it.  This was worse than what I experienced in the ENT's office.  Again, I have no understanding or reason as to why I am so emotionally tied up in my mouth/face.  But I cried - almost to the point of hysteria.  And despite Kevin's best efforts to comfort me, nothing was going to pacify the emotions I felt.  I had to just let it out.  For a good 10 minutes or so, I bawled unashamedly.  If anyone has a clue as to why, I'm all ears.

But perhaps the biggest revelation from Visit 3 was that my dentist confirmed that the thing in my mouth that has punctured my sinuses is actually not a tooth root, as hypothesized by my ENT, but some kind of cyst that has grown in my gums.  I'll now have to go to an orgal surgeon to have the cyst removed, biopsied, and to have the hole it's created patched.  I'm dumbing down the procedure in my mind so as not to get completely freaked out about it, but I'm guessing it's a big deal of some kind.  I go next week for a consultation.

So along with having mold growing in my sinuses for I-don't-know how long, I also have a cyst growing in my gums.  I doubt any amount of antibiotics would help me at this point, but that doesn't stop every doctor from prescribing them for me.  I just finished my 7th round of antibiotics since June 2016.

I expect more emotional outbursts as I continue to navigate this weirdness inside my head.  And fortunate to have friends, family, and most of all Kevin to keep me calm, sane, and level-headed.

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